Sunday, August 29, 2010

Wherefore Art Thou Romeo

So, I have a friend, whose friend lives in California (who will remain anonymous for this blog).  We will call his friend Bob.  Bob has not always lived in California, in fact he lived in Illinois the majority of his life; skipping school, mooching off his mother, never finding a job.  You know, the lifestyle of any 18 year old dropout.  Anyways, Bob met this girl on a game called Second Life (it's a game where you play as human characters that interact with other humans... in a game based on real life?) and decided that she was the love of his life, literally.  He went on and on about how she was the best girl he'd ever met, or rather, hadn't met.  So, after some long, hard thinking (apparently it took Bob a whole 5 minutes to decide what he wanted to do) he asked his mom if he could move to California.  Well, she said no; but to our amusement, Bob wouldn't give up, no matter what.  Eventually he figured to ask his Uncle for money to fly out to California and live with this girl.  His uncle agreed, only if Bob did some work for him in the future (which, amusingly, has yet to happen).  So Bob moves out to California to live with this girl, who actually lives with her parents.  Her parents told Bob that if he were to come live with them, that he'd need to get a job right away (which he is still lacking), so Bob obviously agreed.  Six months pass, Bob does some yard work for the parents not to completely feel like a mooch, plays some second life, ignores his girlfriend, and runs into ANOTHER girl on second life.  A girl that lives in the UK no less; so Bob calls up my friend and asks for advice, hinting that this new girl hes met is definitely the love of his life, and that he wants to move out there with her (in reality, the girl hes met is probably a 40 year old guy trolling Bob).  My friend tries to reason with Bob, using common sense and logic to deter his motivations to move out there, but Bob doesn't listen.  No, Bob is 100% determined.  He will find a way, he always finds a way.  Let's just hope he doesn't break all of the women's hearts on Second Life before he gets a grasp on reality.


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  2. This is clearly fraudulent and an imbelishment. It's to good to be true.

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